-chun-li: sfIV-
she was a month & 1/2 process than changed over 3 times before becoming what you see here now.

oddly enough......i still don't like this piece......probably because i spent way too much time on her; making sure she looked anatomically "correct".


Anonymous said...

Nice illustration! You should draw Ken in the same outfit. LOL!

Roxy said...

haha, Ken in that outfit would certainly be a spectacle :D

Nice drawing, you can really see the attention to detail and shadows that you portrayed here.
I know how you feel about working on something for so long that you come to hate it though... It can get pretty annoying...

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to your next piece... May I suggest one of the Macross F girls??? The movie's coming out soon, right?

blueboy said...

macross f eh? i'll do some research on it.