-yoko of gurren lagan-

i was feeling generous, so i made this with a certain community in mind.  i'm not sure if they'll even view this image, but she was something to draw all the same.


-cammy white-

a sketch i did on sunday.  i completely forgot about a woodless pencil i owned months back.  after using it, cammy came out much better than i had her first depicted.

sadly after finishing her though, i became sick.  :(
-zero suit samus w green hair ^_^-

a quickie dealing with perspective & felt-tip pens.  i didn't attempt at shading due to the texture of my paper used....so those felt-tip pens just plain suck.  o_o

her green hair was for two reasons:
a) no pens that were yellow-based that i could use
b) even if there were, i dislike blonde hair, so green works for me :)