-yoko of gurren lagan-

i was feeling generous, so i made this with a certain community in mind.  i'm not sure if they'll even view this image, but she was something to draw all the same.


Roxy said...

I love Yoko! this image is very cute :D you should really do a color version. also, which community were you doing it for? you should totally tell them to look at this.

also, I'm glad to see that you're regularly posting now :D ecstatic even. I'll be looking forward to more of your fun sketches.

blueboy said...

i made it for tl. only nge & xero have seen this tho (i think), which is ok.
colors i'll get to soon....i really need a laptop now.
glad you like her. my first drawing of yoko :)

Will said...

This is a very sweet gesture.