quite a change of pace and style too. this one is of hina ichigo, a fanart request from a member of a community form. as i've never done "cute" characters before, i figured this would make for good practice.
she's kinda cute, so i guess this turned out well.


this is a gift for an online user. i wanted to color this yet i'm mad rusty in this area so i'll need to brush up on my skills of course.


just another quickie for the week.


guess u could call this an emotional piece of mine. i've felt this way off and on for quite a while now. there's hope for me, but i've yet to grasp it fully by the horns.
god i'm so tired of feeling like this.......


this comes as a surprise, considering i've been under financial stress over the past month. i've been mentally unable to produce anything within this timeframe, and oddly enough i managed to make her within a 2hr timeframe. anyways, i mostly guessed this entire sketch yet she turned out quite well...i guess.
hopefully i'll have another sketch/drawing or whatever up soon....until then, here's "my obsession".


just a random sketch from two weeks back while @ work. somehow, i forgot to add this when i uploaded via another account. o.O


alrighty, now i can finally draw angel wings. this was just another test sketch, as my original one i've been having some complications with the wings.
not bad for another pen sketch.


another art request, this time being a myspace user and a friend of mine. of course i got lazy with the shading, so sue me.


a fanart request from a community forum member of rei ayanami.


okie, here's another. never really liked self-portraits, gives me nausea. hope this is safe.


another one for the week. actually one of three. nothing special here, just trying my hand @ a few areas i rarely mess with.


my second attempt at ms. arma. there's hardly any references on her "gauntlets", so i may need to opt for a more "simplified" pose in order to work this issue out.


braids.......braids.........such a pain to draw! this was one of those challenges i gave myself, as i've never drawn any before. turned out okay for the most part.

another of those 5min sketches.


one of those "5 minute" sketches i did while @ work.

just some random sketch.

this is a test sketch of jenosa arma, heroine from the game Scurge: Hive. i'm in the process of making some fanarts of her and submit these via Orbital Media.

hopefully i'll land a job with them as an character illustrator......


did this one today while @ work today. i had jumbled up ideas, an in the end she was the result. turned out kinda nice.