-saber lily-
my first attempt at lily, which took roughly about the same tymespan as guyver.

this one's not too bad for pen. more detail could be added possibly, but i don't really have too good an eye for it still. oh well, enjoy "fate" fans.



-guyver I-
sketched this one up within a 2 1/2hr timeframe last nyte. this makes my 3rd attempt on such an iconic sci-fi figure and my 1st attempt entirely in pen.

i'm feeling how this turned out since i'm in a "portrait-y" mindset currently. seems like this busted ass scanner here can fully work being in pen also....guess it'll suffice for now at the very least.



-jessica rabbit-
my first attempt at mrs. rabbit, and in pen to boot. ran out of room hence why she's no feet, but i've plans 2 rendition this one even better than, either very soon or in time......



-brawl +/b.brawl/b.brawl+ etc.-

so here i am again, back on this game & its many incarnations, lol. my baby bro's giving me a more in-depth tutorial on how to texture color, customize music & practically anything else that's been modified in brawl's engine.

already a fun game, only magnified x50 by todays standards. i've gotten the hang of this "customization" aspect (i think), tho it'd be nice if my own skills in were better that they are still.....then again, this game was garnered with "easy mode" playability & accessability, so i can't really whine about it :)


-tekkaman blade = fuck YEAH!-

one of my long lost & sought for "grails" has finally come to an end with the release of this tekkaman blade from bandai.
articulate & consisting of both plastic and die cast metal, this iteration of tekkaman is about the closest thing you'll get to ever having one.

words can't describe how awesome this figure is. if need be, i can finally part ways with my entire current collection.......so long as i have he & guyver I :)

-newzie: tatsunoko v capcom-

with the current death of my 360, i managed to get this game. it's a lot of fun, especially being able to finally use tekkaman blade XD
this looks to be another one of those party games for the local gang, which ain't bad @ all.

- :( -

i swear....it seems like it never fails with this retarded console. i've not even had it back for a month yet & i get this error message. alas, i've not the tools needed to crack my failure of a console open to fix, so next sometime next week i'll send this away for possible salvaging.......if any can come of it that is.

ah well, back to my wii-wii. least i know this won't die on me.....


-metroid: the manga complete-

i finally stumbled on the complete manga, which is damned good at that. i get the feeling some if not many of the story depicted here will be used for the upcoming "metroid: other m" chapter of samus' story. i won't go into detail here, but i will say it's the closest thing you'll get to learning more of samus' origin up to where she encounters mother brain for the second time (leads up to the infiltration of tourian against mb in metroid: zero mission).

you can find this online if you search hard enough :)



yet another one to add to my collection of growing "pre-painted resin kits" from a certain company. i have two small snags about this particular resin, most notably a broken hair strand. in either case, i like her pose, the ears, her bust and those shoes ^^

"elvens", you gotta love them.


-x360 + bayonetta = pure win-

i really dunno what to say on this one.....sure i've more games on my 360 than i've had about a year ago, but this one is nothing but crack, cocaine, exctacy, crystal meth, weed, boat, nail polish etc. all rolled into one.

it's been a long time since i've a title that made me geek with adrenaline & excitement from just a few hours of gameplay....and repeating previously beaten levels at that.

SEGA has made a gem, and like others, this one will be played for months on end XD

-b-day goodies: bayonetta-

this was given to me by a good friend from college. he knows i've a kraze when it comes to ms. bayonetta, and while "abstract" in porportions, i think it's a great gift :D
many thanks to ya theo.........which leads me onto my next set of goods


-my BIG kosy: january 9th 2010-

for those of you who don't know.......i'm an avid hobby collector. i've been so for years now, and i don't see myself stopping anytime soon either XD
i was surprised, litterally to see her at my doorstep before leaving for my bday party. she holds the title of tallest & largest of my collection of ladies and my current fave rendition of the blue haired android :)

hopefully she'll mark the first & last of my large priced orders from here on out. the hobby is rediculosly expensive, and i'm slowly learning how to budget my money better than i've done in the past.
i will say she made my day feel a bit better than how i felt earlier....