-saber lily-
my first attempt at lily, which took roughly about the same tymespan as guyver.

this one's not too bad for pen. more detail could be added possibly, but i don't really have too good an eye for it still. oh well, enjoy "fate" fans.



-guyver I-
sketched this one up within a 2 1/2hr timeframe last nyte. this makes my 3rd attempt on such an iconic sci-fi figure and my 1st attempt entirely in pen.

i'm feeling how this turned out since i'm in a "portrait-y" mindset currently. seems like this busted ass scanner here can fully work being in pen also....guess it'll suffice for now at the very least.



-jessica rabbit-
my first attempt at mrs. rabbit, and in pen to boot. ran out of room hence why she's no feet, but i've plans 2 rendition this one even better than, either very soon or in time......