-Ken Masters: "Shoryuken!"
a collab piece done with three friends and myself as a b-gift to another friend of ours.

in order from top to bottom/left to right:
TN Sire
blueboy (myself)

this was a lot of fun....especially seeing the style variations of the same half american & half japaneese fighter ken.

good stuff, good stuff indeed. :)


Roxy said...

ooohQ This is a very nice piece XD see what happens when you work in color? you should do it more often!

also, thanks for putting me in contact with Marc, i'm very psyched to be in the anthology, thanks for wishing me luck :D
Really it's all thanks to you that I'm going to be in it. I'd love to do a fan art piece for you as thanks if you want :D Just let me know which character and I'll get it to you in the next couple of weeks :D

Roxy said...

also, *oooh!*, not ooohQ, lol...